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WallBallers begins with our family’s love for the game. I am a father with two sons who bonded over finding joy and medicine in the game. While discussing new adventures we agreed we wanted to create high quality and stylish lacrosse products. It is also important to give back to the game that has given our family so much. Our goal is to build a brand that spotlights lacrosse as the unique and ancient sport that it is.

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We recognize and honour the sport as the “Creator’s Game”, as told by the indigenous people who have played this medicine game from the eginning. We view lacrosse as a uniquely beautiful pursuit that transcends sport to teach life lessons and create community. An important goal of ours is to help grow the game both locally and globally. We encourage you to get into your own community to volunteer, teach, or support the game. Please take the time to learn the incredible history of the sport by clicking this link to The Canadian Encyclopedia article on lacrosse.
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What is WallBallers?

A father and his two sons with a passion for lacrosse. A lacrosse brand designed by a family with a mission to grow the game. A diverse community that teaches and supports the game.

This is WallBallers. 

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